How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery

How long do car batteries last? Usually, cars need a new battery every three to four years. It’s important to spot signs of a weakening battery early so you can promptly bring your BMW vehicle to our service center. Explore the average vehicle battery life and the warning signs that indicate it’s time for a car battery change service with this guide from BMW of Orland Park’s service department.



Average Vehicle Battery Life

Deciding when to change your car battery can vary among drivers in Mokena. So, how long do car batteries last? Some recommend waiting five to six years, while others suggest a more cautious one to two years. As a rule of thumb, replacing your battery every three to four years helps prevent unforeseen problems.

Much like routine tasks such as oil changes, tire service, and brake checks, changing your car battery is crucial to regular vehicle maintenance. Even if your battery seems fine, having it inspected during routine service visits is a wise practice.

Factors That Can Shorten Battery Life

Various factors, like how you drive and where you live in Tinley Park, can affect your car battery’s lifespan, possibly requiring a change earlier than the usual three to four years. These factors will affect your average vehicle battery life:

  • Driving Habits: If your car sits idle for long periods, your battery may weaken. Try taking a longer route during your Frankfort commute to give the battery more time to charge. Also, make sure to turn off all power when the ignition is off, as leaving interior lights on overnight can quickly drain the battery.
  • Climate & Location: Driving regularly in a hot climate can notably shorten your battery’s lifespan compared to milder climates.

What Are the Signs Your Car Battery Is Low?

Spotting signs of a failing car battery is crucial to fixing problems before your vehicle won’t start. Here are key indicators:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Slow engine start
  • Dim car lights
  • Electrical issues (malfunctioning cell phone charger, heated seats, etc.)
  • Corroded battery connectors
  • Distorted or misshapen battery case

The most obvious sign of a dying battery is its age. If your car battery is nearing three years, it’s wise to have a battery load test at our service center to ensure it’s still working well.

Schedule a Car Battery Change at BMW of Orland Park!

At BMW of Orland Park, we take pride in providing expert battery services for BMW vehicles in Orland Park. Now equipped with the knowledge of how long car batteries last, you can proactively plan for your next car battery change. Reach out to our service center online or via phone at 877-357-6418 to explore our battery services, oil changes, or tire rotation.


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