Are you ready to sell your current vehicle? Visit us at BMW of Orland Park where we buy used cars and trucks of all makes and models! We will purchase your vehicle for a fair price without requiring you to buy your next car from us, allowing you to get a real offer and leave with cash in your hand. That's right, this isn't your typical trade-in program, we will simply buy your car with no obligation from you! Our team at BMW of Orland Park guarantees to make the process fast, fair, and simple to give you top dollar for your current vehicle. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so be sure to stop by BMW of Orland Park located at 159th Street and Wolf Road and get your vehicle appraised for a real offer, not just an estimate.

How We Determine Your Offer
When evaluating your car, our team promises to take the time to properly inspect your vehicle for all the items that will give you the best offer available. This quick and easy process has been formulated with our customers in mind to make sure we are giving you the cash that you deserve. It is transparent and honest allowing you to fully trust the BMW of Orland Park staff. Some of the checkpoints for appraisals include:

 Vehicle Condition Features & Options Vehicle History Report How You Car Drives
Our team will do a quick inspection of your car inside and out. You typically won't need to worry about minor imperfections with our offers
 The packages, features, and options that make your car unique will factor into your appraisal Servicing and accident records give great insight into your vehicle's background and are important when determining the best offer for your vehicle
We will perform a brief test drive to check everything that is important when a car is in motion. Think things like brakes and turn signals
If you are interested in purchasing your next vehicle from us, you can easily browse our vast selection of new and pre-owned inventory. Our BMW Client Advisors are happy to assist you in the process of finding your next dream vehicle in a worry-free way leaving you extremely satisfied with your purchase. Our finance team will also be available to walk you through lease and loan options should you be interested.

To get your offer, schedule your appraisal appointment today at BMW of Orland Park: For a Great Experience

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